コンゴウ バニーVer.

  • コンゴウ バニーVer.
  • コンゴウ バニーVer.
  • コンゴウ バニーVer.
  • コンゴウ バニーVer.
  • コンゴウ バニーVer.

アニメ『劇場版 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ -アルス・ノヴァ- Cadenza』より、霧の大戦艦「コンゴウ」のメンタルモデルが、1/4スケールのバニースタイルで登場です。「コンゴウ」らしいクールで気品のある表情と、セクシーなバニースーツの組み合わせが、見る者を魅了する逸品です。



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I much prefer inmirf

2017-06-11 08:25:31 by Tory

I much prefer inmirfatove articles like this to that high brow literature.

"It would be hard to

2017-05-23 12:58:58 by Birdie

"It would be hard to exaggerate his deserts, so great and wonderful have been the results of his life's work for his country. ... The weelminfor-ld person knows that nobody can write about Diaz with praising him in generous phrases."Wow, "great and wonderful". The striking thing about that is how unashamed people were about being positive in those days. As to the second sentence I quoted ... is there a typo in it?

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